Ultay Mozay was launched in the summer of 2016 as a simple solution to a growing frustration: finding the perfect pair of comfortable, durable, and awesomely-designed funky socks which was often too difficult, too expensive, and too inconvenient.

We always showed off our socks around, yet lamented the fact that we often had to settle for poorly made socks from shoe stores or pay an arm and a leg for a decent pair from the small selections at specialty shops. We saw a big opportunity to create something better. Within a few weeks, we had cracked the code to not only fitting our feet with awesome socks, but also making everyone’s feet magnificently more beautiful - Ultay Mozay! We believe in the power of self-expression and we honor those who dare to be bold in the face of conformity!

But don’t let our quirks fool you - quality and comfort are our prime focus. All our socks are made from high quality blends using best practices in the international sock manufacturing market, guaranteed to last numerous uses and abuses. These soft blends ensure things you won’t generally find in other socks: a comfortable fit, vibrant and fast colors and zero shrinkage or color degradation after washing.

Today, Ultay Mozay is proud yet humbled to have served more than 5,000 customers and shipped more than 30,000 pairs of socks to customers all around Pakistan. The journey of love and support from our customers continues as we aim to generate millions of compliments by empowering everyone to express their personalities through fashion.